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MW4V Music Program


Mark’s Story


Army Veteran and MusicWorks4Veterans participant, Mark Johnson, finds music and playing guitar to have a positive impact in his life. His dedication to it eventually replaced poor habits and risk-taking with a new activity that proved to be beneficial to his wellbeing.


Several years ago, Mark began to teach himself to play bass guitar, which eventually replaced some higher risk activities like extreme sports, drugs and alcohol. Playing music individually or with friends or in front of groups of people, the feeling was satisfactory. The enjoyment Mark received from learning to play bass guitar and playing music with others soon became a new norm for him.


After a couple of years of playing bass, Mark was injured in a machining accident which amputated four fingers on his left hand, leaving only his thumb. As you might imagine, Mark endured some extreme changes, physically and emotionally. But, amazingly, he overcame by setting the bar even higher for himself. With the injury being to his left (fretboard) hand, Mark mustered up and maintained the determination, the dedication and the right attitude, Mark retrained to play left-handed. Not only that, he even upped the ante with adding a couple of strings and switching from bass to six string guitar. Amazing!


Today, Mark makes his music and guitar playing a top priority, improving upon his skills and practicing each morning, along with his first cup of coffee. He also makes it a point to participate in every music jam opportunity he can. As a MusicWorks4Veterans participant and Team member, Mark not only benefits from our program and events, he also serves as a great inspiration for other participants. He is a true leader in dedication, determination and positive attitude.


Mark currently lives in Arizona along with his lovely, supportive wife, Lynn. He has plans to continue as a MW4V team member and to help  expand the works of MW4V in his new hometown. Music knows no distance and we can continue to help and support one another, regardless of our geographical location.


Mark Johnson is a remarkable human being, a brother, a musician, a leader and a tremendous inspiration for all.

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