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We appreciate your support of our Veterans through our MW4V Project. Thank you!

Why donate?

Veterans benefit from MW4V Project when they participate in our Music programs and become a part of the music making and songwriting process. The benefit they get from this is healing because it allows for creative expression and sharing what might otherwise be kept inside. The enjoyment that comes from playing music lifts the spirit while the inclusive nature of the program brings about the social experience. No prior musical experience required.

We want to make our programs more accessible to our Veterans by hosting more events at more locations and to be able to provide a larger variety of instruments for Veterans to use while participation in our program. You can help us to achieve these goals by donating right here through PayPal.


Make a one time or recurring donation to Veteran's Family Fund of America and MW4V

Alternately, you can

Help us with the acquisition of Guitars & Basses (Electric & Acoustic), Tuners, Capos, Small Amps, Hand Percussion, Keyboards, Music Stands, Guitar Stands, Instrument Cables, etc.

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