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P.O. Box 99034, Lakewood, WA, United States, Washington

MusicWorks4Veterans Provides opportunities for Veterans, Service Members in transition to Civilian life and their Families to participate in creating Music together, while building upon new friendships. MW4V program participants can speak of experiencing a significant degree of healing benefit from being a part of the music making process. MusicWorks4Veterans opens the door for this by creating and hosting a variety of recurring Music jam events where we encourage everyone to relax and enjoy the process. Being a part of music making is calming and the joy of it soon washes over you while taking with it the worries you walked through the door with. Even if it's just for a little while, they are welcomed moments. We also Inspire by sharing our music and our experiences. You will be hearing a lot more about additional MW4V Project startups as we strive to replicate what we are currently offering here in the PNW's Puget Sound area and plant this seed of healing and growth in several Veteran communities throughout Washington State and beyond. MusicWorks4Veterans Project was founded in 2012.

Mission Statement

To help enhance quality of life for members of our Veteran community through the curation and hosting of music programs and events that provide opportunities to participate in music-making which, as an outlet, contributes naturally to the healing process through creative expression. Our music programs are available to Veterans, Service-members in transition to civilian life, their Families and supportive members of the veteran community. MusicWorks4Veteran Project aims to expand access to these opportunities by implementing additional music programs throughout Washington State and beyond and providing a safe, social outlet for building new friendships  and sharing of experiences using music as the catalyst. Opportunities for participants to volunteer for leadership roles are also available.

Primary Team Members

MW4V Band Photo-Swiss1.png
John Selzler

US Army/Air Force Veteran

MW4V Board Member

MW4V Founder/President

Bill2 03.jpg
Bill Giffin

Volunteer Musician

Jerry 03.jpg
Jerry Brain

Veteran / Musician


Karen McClain.jpg
Karen McClain

Percussion /

Chief Motivator

Bill Karle

Volunteer Musician

Some of our other regular Volunteers include: 


-Gary Ouellette 

US Army Veteran
MW4V Board Member
MW4V Vice President


-Doug White
US Army Veteran
MW4V Board Member
MW4V Secretary


-Gabriella Smith

-Al Simpson

-Terry Brain

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