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Hear Jerry's Song

As a Military Veteran, Songwriter and Project Manager for MusicWorks4Veterans, I'm in a unique and fortunate position to be able to meet some really amazing people. I get to work with our heroes on a regular basis and meet people like Vietnam era Veteran, Jerry Brain. Jerry joined our MW4V Project several years ago and has become a regular participant and Team Member of our programs and events. It's these music jam events that also provide Veterans and Families with easement back into fun and friendly social activities. As a Veteran, Poet and Keyboardist, Jerry not only immediately merged right in with the work that we do, he now helps others by sharing his own stories through the songs we write and play together. By providing even a small glimpse of his experiences, fellow Veterans are inspired and the community gains better understanding. I, for one, am inspired. It was a great privilege to enter the VA's 2019 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival along with Jerry, as a fellow Veteran and Cowriter of his song "Everyone's Insane". This is the second song inspired by Jerry's writings and experiences. We look forward to a fun journey with this. Thank you Jerry Brain and Family.

- John Leonard Selzler

Jerry Brain Inspires!

U.S. Army Veteran, Jerry Brain, provides us with a glimpse into his experience of having served during the Vietnam conflict and his life back at home in the U.S. Jerry shares how music has helped him to overcome obstacles that affected his life, and that of his family, for decades and how it can introduce new hope for those who continue to struggle.

Thank you, Jerry Brain, for sharing your story with us. You not only helped the rest of us to gain a better understanding of the struggles encountered by many of our Veterans, you are also an inspiration to your peers who may not yet know the benefits that may come from involving themselves in a music program like MusicWorks4Veterans. Your testimony offers great hope. 


Hear Jerry's interview here:


You can check out his song

"Everyone's Insane" here:

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