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See Jerry's story video below. From reclusiveness on the farm to performing live at MW4V SoundVetJam at Lakewood Playhouse Theatre. It's the magic of Music and Friendship.


"Fire and Rain" by James Taylor covered by MW4V Founder, John Leonard, and dedicated to raising awareness for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

MusicWorks4Veterans SoundVetJam is our night to get together with friends and just have fun playing music. Every music jam has something special in store, like this recent gathering at our Lakewold Gardens location on 1-19-22. MW4V Team member Gabriella Smith sang so beautifully "Lonestar", by Norah Jones, with the accompaniment from our MW4V Band. For Gabby, singing the song was a heartfelt tribute to her mother and all military spouses and families whose light shines down on their loved ones from afar. In this recording, the group came together for the very first time playing "Lonestar". It was another magical evening at SVJ! Music and Friendship play significant roles in each participant's individual healing process. Supporters of MW4V programs help us to provide the access.


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