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Set Up:

On the map below you will see that vendors will enter off Angle Lane and Elwood between 6:30am-9:30am for set up. If you enter later than that you have to enter through the main entrance.

Staff parking and parking Passes.

1) Those volunteering for setup, please be onsite no later than 8:30am. When you arrive, Event Staff will direct you where to go. Please unload your items, then park, then return to set up. All vehicles need to be off the event area by 10:00am and vendors set up by 10:15.

2) For volunteers not carrying heavy items and those working different shifts throughout the day, turn RIGHT when you enter the main entrance and park in the baseball field parking lot. If that is full, continue straight onto the field at the end of the lot to the right of the bathrooms. There will be parking on the grass at that location.

3) PARKING PASSES for download and printing can be found below. These are only for those who are working our event and not for those just coming to jam. Please print and put it on your dash or find a spot in General Parking (Which may even be closer to where we are, depending on how full the event gets by the time you arrive).

MW4V Project Manager, John Selzler, will provide our MW4V Booth Coordinator with the booth kit, which will have everything we need to operate, including MW4V gift store items for donations made to our project, 5 pop up tents (4 for the jam circle and 1 for the Booth) and tripod support for hanging our 8ft banner out front of our assigned area. We are required to use 10lb weights for each leg on the pop up tents. Promotions Team Volunteers will be provided with flyers to hand out throughout the day to invite festival goers to our booth and jam circle.

Be sure to bring whatever you need to protect yourself from the sun. It looks like it's going to be mostly sunny around 76 degrees.

Map for where to enter/exit and park:

Map for where our booth and SoundVetJam location will be:

Staff Parking Pass

Our Home for Saturday:


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